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Shining, The Movie

80s Film Summary for Shining, The


This 80’s movie is based on the novel of the same name written by Stephen King – an alcoholic writer will try to recover his life and his family.

Shining, The DVD

DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Shining, The was released on June 12, 2001 by Warner Home Video and is rated R.


In the movie The Shinning, Jack Torrance is a writer that has fallen into alcoholism. After he is fired, he decides that it is time to recover his life. That’s why he takes a job as the caretaker of a hotel during the winter.

However, Jack doesn’t know that there are strong and occult forces behind the hotel, as well as a power known as “The Shinning” that only a few people posses.


Jack Torrance - Jack Nicholson
Wendy Torrance - Shelley Duvall
Danny Torrance - Danny Lloyd
Dick Hallorann - Scatman Crothers
Stuart Ullman - Barry Nelson


Since King didn’t like the twist that Kubrick gave to the movie The Shinning, he decided to make a TV remake. However, it didn’t have the same reception as the original.

Danny Lloyd was never aware that “The Shinning” was a horror movie.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Shining, The was released to theatres on 05/23/1980 by Warner Bros., and grossed $44,017,374 at the box office in the US on a budget of $19,000,000 .

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