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Secret Of My Success Movie

80s Film Summary for Secret Of My Success


An 80s movie about when you want something badly, you must go for it. A young man shows his determination for success.

Secret Of My Success DVD


When Brantley Foster (Michael J Fox) left from Kansas to New York to work with his uncle’s top company, he had just one thing in mind - to be successful in the movie The Secret of My Success.

Brantley’s position at his uncle’s company was to work in the mailroom. But, when he meets Christy Wills (played by Helen Slater), an executive in the company, he takes on a pseudonym just to apply for a job that he can excel in. Things start to get worst rather than better in The Secret of My Success.


Brantley Foster aka Carlton Whitfield - Michael J Fox
Christy Wills - Helen Slater
Howard Prescott - Richard Jordan
Vera Prescott - Margaret Whitton
Fred Melrose - John Pankow
Barney Rattigan - Christopher Murney
Art Thomas - Gerry Bamman
Donald Davenport - Fred Gwynne
Jean - Carol-Ann Susi
Grace Foster - Elizabeth Franz
Burt Foster - Drew Snyder
Maureen - Susan Kellermann
Arnold Forbush - Barton Heyman
Sheila - Mercedes Ruehl
Owens - Ira Wheeler


Kristy McNichol was originally chosen to play Christy Willis in the movie The Secret of My Success, but she lost the gig because of her manic depression.

Michael J Fox is a chain smoker who had to play the role of Brantley Foster, a non-smoker, in the movie The Secret of My Success.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Secret Of My Success was released to theatres on 04/10/1987 by Universal Studios, and grossed $67,000,000 at the box office in the US.

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