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Salvador Movie

80's Movie Facts for Salvador


An 80s movie filled with war and drama that is based on a true story. A journalist finds adventure in another country.

Salvador DVD


James Woods plays a US photojournalist Richard Boyle whose boredom for his job takes him to El Salvador to cover the military dictatorship in the movie Salvador.

While in El Salvador, Richard covers the assassination of Archbishop Romero (played by Jose Carlos Ruiz) and also finds love there. Both the guerillas and the right-wing military want something from Richard. But he has to deal with that and escaping the country with his new girlfriend in tow in the movie Salvador.


Richard Boyle - James Woods
Doctor Rock - James Belushi
Ambassador Thomas Kelly - Michael Murphy
John Cassady - John Savage
Mar√a - Elpidia Carrillo
Maj. Maximiliano 'Major Max' Casanova (presidential candidate) - Tony Plana
Jack Morgan (U.S. State Dept. Analyst [CIA]) - Colby Chester
Cathy Moore - Cynthia Gibb
Col. Bentley Hyde Sr. - Will MacMillan
Pauline Axelrod - Valerie Wildman
Archbishop Romero - Jose Carlos Ruis
Col. Julio Figueroa - Jorge Luke
Army lieutenant - Juan Fernandez
Human rights leader - Salvador Sanchez
Human rights assistant - Rosario Zuniga


Marlon Brando was the first choice to play Richard Boyle in the movie Salvador.

While the movie Salvador was in production stages, one of the advisors was killed in El Salvador.

Academy Awards:

James Woods won for Best Actor In A Leading Role for the role of Richard Boyle in Salvador.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Salvador was released to theatres on 04/23/1986 by Hemdale, and grossed $1,500,000 at the box office in the US on a budget of $4,000,000.

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