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Room with a View, A Movie

Movie Summary for Room with a View, A


Based on the novel by E.M. Forster, this 80ís movie portrays the story of a woman who must choose between the restrictions of British society or liberty.

Room with a View, A DVD

DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Room with a View, A was released on July 3, 2007 by BBC Warner and is rated R.


A Room With A View begins with the trip of Englishwoman, Lucy Honeychurch, to Florence, Italy. She is accompanied by Charlotte Bartlett, her chaperon. At Florence, she meets George Emerson, a bohemian who falls in love with her.

At her return to England, Lucy finds herself trapped between two loves: her fiancee, Cecil, or George Emerson. A Room With A View is a critique of the conservative British society at the beginnings of the 1900ís.


Charlotte Bartlett - Maggie Smith
Lucy Honeychurch - Helena Bonham Carter
Mr. Emerson - Denholm Elliott
Cecil Vyse - Daniel Day-Lewis
Mrs Honeychurch - Rosemary Leach


A psalm sang in A Room With A View was written after the date during which the film is supposed to take place.

In a picnic scene of A Room With A View, two characters are discussing another novel written by E.M. Forster.

Academy Awards:

Denholm Elliott won for Best Actor In A Supporting Role for the role of Mr. Emerson in Room with a View, A.

Maggie Smith won for Best Actress In A Supporting Role for the role of Charlotte Bartlett in Room with a View, A.

James Ivory won for Best Director for Room with a View, A.

Ismail Merchant, Producer won for Best Picture for Room with a View, A.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Room with a View, A was released to theatres on 03/07/1986 by Cinecom, and grossed $20,966,000 at the box office in the US.

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