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Romancing the Stone Movie

80's Movie Facts for Romancing the Stone


They never planned to fall in love but they did in the 80s movie. A novelist goes out to find her kidnapped sister and finds love while at it.

Romancing the Stone DVD


Joan WIlder (played by Kathleen Turner) is a novel writer on her way to South America to rescue her kidnapped sister in the movie Romancing the Stone.

Within a few hours after her arrival in Columbia, she gets lost in a jungle and she is later found by Jack Colton (played by Michael Douglas) who tries to rescue her. But as they journey out of the jungle, they experience many adventures, and of course they fall in love in the movie Romancing the Stone.


Jack T. Colton - Michael Douglas
Joan Wilder - Kathleen Turner
Ralph - Danny DeVito
Ira - Zack Norman
Juan - Alfonso Arau
Zolo - Manuel Ojeda
Gloria - Holland Taylor
Elaine - Mary Ellen Trainor
Mrs. Irwin - Eve Smith
Super - Joe Nesnow
Santos - Jose Chavez
Hefty Woman - Evita Munoz
Bus Driver - Camillo Garcia
Bad Hombre - Rodrigo Puebla
Hotel Clerk - Paco Morayta


Kathleen Turner won a Golden Globe for her performance in the movie Romancing the Stone.

Singer/ Songwriter Eddy Grant composed a song for the movie Romancing the Stone of the same name, but it was not used for the film.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Romancing the Stone was released to theatres on 03/30/1984 by 20th Century Fox, and grossed $75,078,260 at the box office in the US.

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