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Road House Movie

80's Movie Facts for Road House


This 80’s movie is about a man who has a PhD in philosophy, but who is also known as the best “cooler” in the business.

Road House DVD

DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Road House was released on July 18, 2006 by MGM (Video & DVD) and is rated R.


In the movie Road House, James Dalton is a “cooler,” a bouncer that can turn down any kind of bat-fight.

That’s why the main character of the film Road House is employed in a backwater town in Missouri. However, the local boys can make things very difficult.


James Dalton - Patrick Swayze
Dr. Elizabeth Clay - Kelly Lynch
Wade Garrett - Sam Elliott
Brad Wesley - Ben Gazzara
Jimmy - Marshall R. Teague


The movie Road House was so successful that it had a sequel. However, none of the original characters appeared in this TV movie.

The book that Dalton is reading in the film Road House is “Legends of the Fall.”

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Road House was released to theatres on 05/19/1989 by United Artists, and grossed $30,050,028 at the box office in the US.

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