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Purple Rain Movie

80's Movie Facts for Purple Rain


A young man and his dream is the subject of this 80s movie. An aspiring singer fights to stay focused on his career.

Purple Rain DVD


The Kid (played by Prince) followed his dreams of becoming a singer and proved to be successful at it in the movie Purple Rain.

But, eventually, The Kid’s own behavior causes him to lose his female singer Apollonia (played by Apollonia Kotero) and almost everything that he has worked so hard for in Purple Rain.


The Kid - Prince
Apollonia - Apollonia Kotero
Morris - Morris Day
Mother - Olga Karlatos
Father - Clarence Williams III
Jerome - Jerome Benton
Billy - Billy Sparks
Jill - Jill Jones
Chick - Charles Huntsberry
Dez - Dez Dickerson
Brenda - Brenda Bennett
Susan - Susan Moonsie
Beautiful Babe - Sandra Claire Gershman
Kim - Kim Upsher
Stage Hand - Alan Leeds


Dreams was supposed to be the title of “Purple Rain,” but Prince wanted the word purple to be in the title.

The only two professional actors in the movie Purple Rain were Clarence Williams III and Olga Kartalos.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Purple Rain was released to theatres on 07/27/1984 by Warner Bros., and grossed $68,392,977 at the box office in the US.

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