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Prizzis Honor Movie

Movie Review for Prizzis Honor


The hunter becomes the hunted in this 80s movie. Two hired killers fall in love and have to carry out their toughest assignment.

Prizzis Honor DVD


When Charley Partanna (played by Jack Nicholson) meets Irene Walker (Kathleen Turner) it seems to be a match made in heaven, or shall we say hell in the movie Prizzi’s Honor.

The two have one thing in common - they are both contract killers who work for the Prizzi’s mobster family. But, things get complicated when they both receive their final assignment, which is to kill each other. Would their love conquer all? Find out in the movie Prizzi’s Honor.


Charley Partanna - Jack Nicholson
Irene Walker - Kathleen Turner
Eduardo Prizzi - Robert Loggia
Angelo 'Pop' Partanna - John Randolph
Don Corrado Prizzi - William Hickey
Dominic Prizzi - Lee Richardson
Filargi 'Finlay' - Michael Lombard
Maerose Prizzi - Anjelica Huston
Plumber - George Santopietro
Lt. Hanley - Lawrence Tierney
Peaches Altamont - C.C.H. Pounder
Amalia Prizzi - Ann Selepegno
Phil Vittimizzare - Vic Polizos
Bluestone - Dick O'Neill
Casco Vascone - Sully Boyar


Best Actress in a supporting role was the Oscar award given to Angelica Huston in her role as Maerose Prizzi in the movie Prizzi’s Honor.

It is reported that Jack Nicholson had to be taught to speak like someone from Brooklyn for his role in Prizzi’s Honor and he learned it from hanging out at some of the cities lowlife spots.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Prizzis Honor was released to theatres on 06/14/1985 by 20th Century Fox, and grossed $26,700,000 at the box office in the US.

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