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Police Academy Movie

80's Movie Facts for Police Academy


They’re the cops you are afraid to call when you are in trouble in this 80s movie comedy.
Rookies just out of the academy prove to be too clumsy and nonchalant for crime fighting.

Police Academy DVD


Ever since her ladyship the mayor announced that there would no longer be discrimination as to who can join the police academy, there has been an influx of misfits from all walks of life signing on to be cops in the movie Police Academy.

From the tough looking Moses Hightower (played by Bubba Smith) who likes to tends to his flower garden to Larvell Jones (played by Michael Winslow whose voice can imitate almost everything that he hears, these guys with weird personalities are all part of the Academy. Carey Mahoney (played by Steve Guttenberg) spearheads the group, opting for the academy rather than his jail sentence. And he’s the one they want to get out of the force the most in the movie Police Academy.


Cadet Carey Mahoney - Steve Guttenberg
Cadet Karen Thompson - Kim Cattrall
Lt. Thaddeus Harris - G.W. Bailey
Moses Hightower - Bubba Smith
Leslie Barbara - Donovan Scott
Cmndt. Eric Lassard - George Gaynes
George MartĂn - Andrew Rubin
Eugene Tackleberry - David Graf
Sgt. Debbie Callahan - Leslie Easterbrook
Larvell Jones - Michael Winslow
Mrs. Fackler - Debralee Scott
Douglas Fackler - Bruce Mahler
Capt. Reed - Ted Ross
Chad Copeland - Scott Thomson
Kyle Blankes - Brant von Hoffman


Bruce Willis auditioned for the role of Mahoney in Police Academy, but the role was played by Steve Guttenberg.

Police Academy won the Golden Screen Award in Germany.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Police Academy was released to theatres on 03/23/1984 by Warner Bros., and grossed $81,198,894 at the box office in the US.

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