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Pet Sematary Movie

80s Film Summary for Pet Sematary


An 80s movie about letting the dead rest in peace as they lay. A man discovers a cemetery that resurrects the dead.

Pet Sematary DVD


The Creeds move to a new home and discover that there is a cemetery close by in the movie Pet Sematary.

When their cat died they buried him at the cemetery and he was resurrected, although more vicious. But when the family loses their son in a car accident, they decide to bury him in the same spot they had previously buried the cat so that he could be resurrected. Hes resurrected all right, but even the Creeds wont be able to identify their own son in the movie Pet Sematary.


Louis Creed - Dale Midkiff
Jud Crandall - Fred Gwynne
Rachel Creed - Denise Crosby
Victor Pascow - Brad Greenquist
Irwin Goldman - Michael Lombard
Gage Creed - Miko Hughes
Ellie Creed - Blaze Berdahl
Missy Dandridge - Susan Bloommaert
Marcy Charlton - Mara Clark
Steve Masterton - Kavi Raz
Dory Goldman - Mary Louise Wilson
Zelda - Andrew Hubatsek
Girl at infirmary - Liz Davies
Candystriper - Kara Dalke
Jud as a child - Matthew August Ferrell


This movie was based on the book Pet Sematary by noted horror author Stephen King.

Actor Bruce Campbell was the first choice to play Louis Creed in the movie Pet Sematary.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Pet Sematary was released to theatres on 04/21/1989 by Paramount Pictures, and grossed $57,469,179 at the box office in the US.

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