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Octopussy Movie

80s Film Summary for Octopussy


Another saga in the James Bond 80s movie series. Agent 007 is sent on a mission to solve a case involving another agent.

Octopussy DVD


Agent 009 is murdered with a significant Faberge egg holding in his hand and Agent 007 James Bond (played by Roger Moore) is sent to investigate in the movie Octopussy.

The further Bond investigates this case, the more he discovers that it is tied to a smuggling operation and terrorist attack. He must stop it all from happening in the movie Octopussy.


James Bond - Roger Moore
Octopussy - Octopussy
Kamal Khan - Louis Jourdan
Magda - Kristina Wayborn
Gobinda - Kabir Bedi
General Orlov - Steven Berkoff
Twin One - David Meyer
Twin Two - Tony Meyer
Q - Desmond Llewelyn
M - Robert Brown
Miss Moneypenny - Lois Maxwell
Penelope Smallbone - Michaela Clavell
General Anatol Gogol - Walter Gotell
Vijay - Vijay Amritraj
Sadruddin - Albert Moses


Actor James Brolin was screen-tested for the role of James Bond in the movie Octopussy, but Roger Moore decided to return to his role as Agent 007.

It did not appear in the script this way, but in the movie Octopussy a cyclist rides between two battling vehicles. This was so spontaneous and impressive that it was kept in the movie to provide suspense.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Octopussy was released to theatres on 06/10/1983 by MGM/UA, and grossed $67,900,000 at the box office in the US on a budget of $27,500,000 .

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