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Neverending Story, The Movie

Movie Summary for Neverending Story, The


This 80’s movie is based on the fantasy book written by German author Michael Ende. A boy will have to become a hero in order to save another world.

Neverending Story, The DVD

DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Neverending Story, The was released on September 4, 2001 by Warner Home Video and is rated PG.


In the movie The Neverending Story, Bastian Bux is a boy who is always bullied by a group of schoolmates. In order to escape from them, he decides to hide in the library. There, he will meet a strange man who lends him a book of fantasy.

Although Bastian was warned about it, the main character of the film The Neverending Story decides to take it home. There, he will be absorbed by the book and will find himself in a world of fantasy that is looking for a hero.


Bastian Bux - Barret Oliver
Bastian's Father - Gerald McRaney
Koreander - Thomas Hill
Teeny Weeny - Deep Roy
Night Hob - Tilo Prückner


Steven Spielberg is a big fan of the movie The Neverending Story.

The film The Neverending Story was so successful that it had two additional sequels.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Neverending Story, The was released to theatres on 07/20/1984 by Warner Bros., and grossed $21,300,000 at the box office in the US on a budget of $27,000,000 .

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