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Never Say Never Again Movie

80s Film Summary for Never Say Never Again


James Bond is back in this 80s movie. Bond turns on his charm to take on his enemies.

Never Say Never Again DVD


Agent 007 James Bond (played by Sean Connery) has been assigned to recapture cruise missiles that have been stolen from SPECTRE agents under the direct of Ernst Bloefeld (played by Max Von Sydow) in the movie Never Say Never Again.

Bond has also been ordered to kill Bloefeld but there is also another enemy on the rise in the name of Maximilian Largo (played by Klaus Maria Brandauer). Largo works closely with Bloefeld and together they are a force to be reckoned with. But not for Bond. Not when he has Largo’s girlfriend Domino (played by Kim Basinger) falling for him in the movie Never Say Never Again.


James Bond - Sean Connery
Maximilian Largo - Klaus Maria Brandauer
Ernst Stavro Blofeld - Max Von Sydow
Fatima Blush - Barbara Carrera
Domino Petachi - Kim Basinger
Felix Leiter - Bernie Casey
Q 'Algy' Algernon - Alec McCowen
M - Edward Fox
Miss Moneypenny - Pamela Salem
Nigel Small-Fawcett - Rowan Atkinson
Lady in Bahamas - Valerie Leon
Kovacs - Milow Kirek
Lippe - Pat Roach
Lord Ambrose - Anthony Sharp
Patricia - Prunella Gee


Never Say Never Again is a remake of the 1960s movie “Thunderball” with a few adjustments made to the script.

Actor Steven Seagal was the martial arts instructor for the movie Never Say Never Again.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Never Say Never Again was released to theatres on 10/07/1983 by Warner Bros., and grossed $55,500,000 at the box office in the US on a budget of $36,000,000 .

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