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Murphys Romance Movie

Movie Summary for Murphys Romance


Is there love and life after divorce in this 80s movie? A recent divorced woman tries to find love, but the unexpected happens.

Murphys Romance DVD


Emma (played by Sally Field) is looking for love after getting a divorce from her ex-husband, Bobby Jack (played by Brian Kerwin), in the movie Murphy’s Romance.

When Murphy Jones (played by James Garner) comes to town and opens business, Emma is attracted to him. But when her ex husband returns because he does not have a place to live, Emma has huge decisions to make because her son Jake (played by Corey Haim) wants his father back in his life. Who will Emma choose in the movie Murphy’s Romance?


Emma Moriarty - Sally Field
Murphy Jones - James Garner
Bobby Jack Moriarty - Brian Kerwin
Jake Moriarty - Corey Haim
Freeman Coverly - Dennis Burkley
Margaret - Georgann Johnson
Bessie - Dortha Duckworth
Albert - Michael Prokopuk
Larry Le Beau - Billy Ray Sharkey
Jim Forrest - Michael Crabtree
Wanda - Anna Levine
Amos Abbott - Charles Lane
Rex Boyd - Bruce French
Jesse Parker - John C Becher
Fred Hite - Henry Slate


The bar set used in Murphy’s Romance was auctioned after the movie was completed.

The film Murphy’s Romance was nominated for two Oscar awards.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Murphys Romance was released to theatres on 12/25/1985 by Columbia, and grossed $30,762,621 at the box office in the US.

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