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Mission, The Movie

80s Film Summary for Mission, The


Nothing can stand in the way of a man and his mission in this 80s movie. A man builds a mission to convert the nationals.

Mission, The DVD


Jeremy Irons plays Father Gabriel in the movie The Mission, a Spanish Jesuit on a mission to covert the Indians in the South American wilderness.

While building The Mission, Father Gabriel meets Rodrigo Mendoza (played by Robert De Niro), a slave hunter with a violent past. Mendoza converts and joins Father Gabriel but his aggressive ways are harder to break.


Rodrigo Mendoza - Robert De Niro
Father Gabriel - Jeremy Irons
Altamirano - Ray McAnally
Felipe Mendoza - Aidan Quinn
Carlotta - Cherie Lunghi
Hontar - Ronald Pickup
Cabeza - Chuck Low
Fielding - Liam Neeson
Indian Boy -Bercelio Moya
Witch Doctor - Sigifredo Ismare
Indian Chief - Asuncion Ontiveros
Chief's Lieutenant - Alejandrino Moya
Sebastian - Daniel Berrigan
Young Jesuit - Rolf Gray
Jesuit - Alvaro Guerrero


Most of the cast members of the movie The Mission became ill with amoebic dysentery. All except Robert DeNiro.

Natives were actually used in The Mission as themselves and since they spoke little English, they were given the chance to ad-lib their parts.

Academy Awards:

Ennio Morricone won for Best Original Score for Mission, The.

Fernando Ghia and David Puttnam, Producers won for Best Picture for Mission, The.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Mission, The was released to theatres on 10/31/1986 by Warner Bros., and grossed $17,218,000 at the box office in the US.

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