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Last Emperor, The (1987) Movie

80s Film Summary for Last Emperor, The (1987)


A biography on film about the China’s last emperor is told in this 80s movie - the reign, triumphs and pitfalls of Aisin-Gioro "Henry" Pu Yi.

Last Emperor, The (1987) DVD


In the movie The Last Emperor, John Lone plays Pu Yi, a man who was groomed to become China’s Emperor since the age of three.

In The Last Emperor, Pu Yi followed the rules and teachings of others so much so that they referred to him as a puppet. His time as Emperor was short-lived and the way he lived during his final days were even more surprising to all.


Pu Yi (Adult) - John Lone
Wan Jung - Joan Chen
Reginald Johnston (R.J.) - Peter O' Toole
The Governor - Ruocheng Ying
Chen Pao Shen - Victor Wong
Big Li - Dennis Dun
Amakasu - Ryuichi Sakamoto
Eastern Jewel - Maggie Han
Interrogator - Ric Young
Wen Hsiu - Vivian Wu
Chang - Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Ar Mo - Jade Go
Yoshioka - Fumihiko Ikeda
Pu Yi (3 Years) - Richard Vuu
Pu Yi (8 Years) - Tsou Tijger


The Last Emperor movie was memorable as it was also costly. An Italian chef had to be flown in to cook for the International cast.

Security was so tight on the set of the film The Last Emperor that all actors were required to show identification in order to get in. Peter O’Toole, who played Reginald Johnson in the movie, was refused admission to the set when he tried to get on the set without his pass.

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80's Film Facts:

The Movie Last Emperor, The (1987) was released to theatres on 11/20/1987 by Columbia, and grossed $43,984,000 at the box office in the US.

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