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Howard the Duck Movie

Movie Review for Howard the Duck


This 80's movie is a science fiction film about an alien that is transported to Earth. Now, he will have to save our planet from an evil being.

Howard the Duck DVD


In his own world, Howard the Duck is a typical humanoid being. Suddenly, he is transported to Earth due to an experiment that went awry.

In this movie, Howard the Duck will have to look for a way to survive in our planet. Fortunately, he meets someone that can help him.


Beverly Switzler - Lea Thompson
Dr. Walter Jenning - Jeffrey Jones
Phil Blumburtt - Tim Robbins
Howard T. Duck - Ed Gale
Howard T. Duck (voice) - Chip Zien


The movie Howard the Duck is based on the characters of a Marvel comic.

The film Howard the Duck is considered one of the worst movies of history.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Howard the Duck was released to theatres on 08/01/1986 by Universal, and grossed $16,295,774 at the box office in the US.

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