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Hero In The Family, A Movie

Movie Review for Hero In The Family, A


In the 80's sci-fi movie A Hero In The Family an astronaut and a chimpanzee switch brains as the result of a space flight mixup.

Hero In The Family, A DVD


Hero In The Family is one of the many brain/body exchange movies of the 1980's. The film features the story of astronaut Digger Reed (Cliff De Young) who takes a dangerous mission along with Orville, the extraordinary chimpanzee. In outer space the two come accros some mysterious crystals which cause them to switch bodies.

Digger Reed's teenage son tries to assist his father by protecting the chimp (his father, who is unable to communicate verbally) from the millitary personnel as he attempts to reverse the error.


Cliff De Young - Digger Reed
Christopher Collet - Benjamin Reed
Darleen Carr - Lisa Reed
Annabeth Gish - Jessie
Keith Dorman - Ralph
David Wohl - Loudon
M. Emmet Walsh - General Presser


The movie A Hero in the family first aired on Disney TV's Sunday Night Movie. The film was directed by Mel Damski and written by John Drimmer and Geoffrey Loftus.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Hero In The Family, A was released to theatres on 09/28/1986 by Disney, and grossed - at the box office in the US.

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Hero In The Family
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