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Great Santini, The Movie

80's Movie Facts for Great Santini, The


See how one military family lives in this 80s movie. A story about father and son and the determination to conquer each other.

Great Santini, The DVD


Lieutenant Colonel Bull Meechum (played by Robert Duvall), is a military man and a dictator to even his family. It’s rare that he shows affection to his family, rather he dishes out abuse to them in the movie “The Great Santini.”

Bull Meechum’s son Ben (played by Michael O’Keefe) in “The Great Santini” is the total opposite of his disciplinarian father and he goes out of his way to defy him in every step of the way.


Lieutenant Colonel Bull Meechum - Robert Duvall
Lillian Meechum - Blythe Danner
Ben Meechum - Michael O'Keefe
Mary Anne Meechum - Lisa Jane Persky
Karen Meechum - Julie Anne Haddock
Matthew Meechum - Brian Andrews
Toomer Smalls - Stan Shaw
Arrabella Smalls - Theresa Merritt
Red Petus - David Keith
Col. Virgil Hedgepath - Paul Mantee
Col. Varney - Michael Strong
Cpl. Atcherly - Bennett Liss
Coach Spinks - Joe Dorsey
Capt. Weber - David Frankham
Mrs. Weber - Jan Stratton


The film The Great Santini is based on a book by Pat Conroy. Conroy’s father and mother were both inspiration for the characters of Bull and Lillian. Conroy’s mother used the book and film script as evidence in court for a divorce.

The Beaufort, South Carolina house that was used in the movie The Great Santini was also the house for filming another movie: The Big Chill.

Academy Awards:

Robert Duvall won for Best Actor In A Leading Role for the role of Bull Meechum in Great Santini, The.

Michael O'Keefe won for Best Actor In A Supporting Role for the role of Ben Meechum in Great Santini, The.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Great Santini, The was released to theatres on 10/29/1979 by Warner Bros., and grossed 4,702,575 at the box office in the US on a budget of .

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