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Golden Child, The Movie

80s Film Summary for Golden Child, The


Seeking a gold of a different kind is the theme of this 80s movie. A detective has a special assignment to save a special child.

Golden Child, The DVD


Chandler Jarrell (played by Eddie Murphy) is a detective with a special assignment to save a particular kid in the movie The Golden Child.

The Golden Child (played by JL Reate) in the movie of the same name, is the target of evildoers who want kidnap him. Jarrell is the one chosen to find The Golden Child, and when he does, he realizes that he is involved in more mysticism and sorcery than meets the eye.


The Golden Child - JL Reate
Chandler Jarrell - Eddie Murphy
Sardo Numspa - Charles Dance
Kee Nang - Charlotte Lewis
The Old Man - Victor Wong
Til - Randall "Tex" Cobb
Doctor Hong - James Hong
Kala - Shakti
Yu - Tau Logo
Khan - Tiger Chung Lee
Fu - Pons Maar
Tommy Tong - Peter Kwong
Detective Boggs - Wally Taylor
Yellow Dragon - Eric Douglas
TV Host - Charles Levin


Believe it or not, actor Mel Gibson was supposed to play the role of Chandler Jarrell in Golden Child. But when he was not available, the directors cast Eddie Murphy and made the film more of a comedy than they had intended for Gibson.

The Golden Child was referred to as a boy, but the actor was really a girl.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Golden Child, The was released to theatres on 12/12/1986 and grossed $79,817,937 at the box office in the US.

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