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Gloria (1980) Movie

Movie Review for Gloria (1980)


Action-packed 80ís mobster movie. In the film Gloria, and ex mob-woman plays babysitter to a kid.

Gloria (1980) DVD


There was a time when Gloria (played by Gene Rowlands) was in the mob in the movie Gloria. When young Phil (played by John Adames) finds himself as the lone survivor in a mafia massacre, Gloria protects him.

In the film Gloria, she tries to keep herself and Phil alive with little ammunition (a pocket gun) but enough knowledge to beat the mob at its own game.


Jeri Dawn - Julie Carmen
Gloria Swenson - Gene Rowlands
Phil Dawn - John Adames
1st Man/Gangster - Tony Knesich
Kid in Elevator - Gregory Cleghorne
Jack Dawn - Buck Henry
Margarita Vargas - Lupe Garnica
Joan Dawn - Jessica Castillo
2nd Man/Gangster - tom Noonan
3rd Man/Gangster - Ronald Maccone
Heavy Set Man - George Yudzevich
Irish cop - Gary Howard Klar
TV Newscaster - William E Rice
Riverside Drive Man #5 - Frank Belgiorno
Riverside Drive Man #4 - J.C. Quinn


Gene Rowlands who played Gloria was nominated for an Oscar for Best actress for this movie.

Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actress was given to Gene Rowlands for her role in the movie Gloria.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Gloria (1980) was released to theatres on 10/01/1980 by Columbia, and grossed $47,019 at the box office in the US.

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