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Funny Farm Movie

80's Movie Facts for Funny Farm


The piece of mind he wanted was elusive in this 80s movie. A man quits his job and uproots his spouse for a life in the country.

Funny Farm DVD

DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Funny Farm was released on May 18, 1999 by Warner Home Video and is rated PG.


Andy Farmer decided to quit his job as a journalist in order to retire to a farm where he could write novels for a living in the movie Funny Farm.

Little does Andy know that the most comedic story he could have ever written would have been events from his farm and the quirky people who live around him. Funny Farm makes for much laughter as Andy and his wife, Elizabeth, are too busy trying to keep up with their town-folk than writing books.


Andy Farmer - Chevy Chase
Elizabeth Farmer - as Madolyn Smith
Sheriff Ledbetter - Kevin O'Morrison
Michael Sinclair - Joseph Maher
Bud Culbertson - Jack Gilpin
Betsy Culbertson - Caris Corfman
Newspaper Editor - William Servers
Crocker - Mike Starr
Mickey - Glenn Plummer
Old Character - William Duell
Old Operator - Helen Lloyd Breed
Young Operator - Kit Le Fever
Marion Corey Jr. - Dakin Matthews
Gus Lotterhand - William Newman
Mrs. Ethel Dinges - Alice Drummond


The movie Funny Farm was filmed entirely in Vermont.

The film Funny Farm was adapted from the book of the same name written by Jay Cronley.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Funny Farm was released to theatres on 06/03/1988 by Warner Bros., and grossed $25,537,221 at the box office in the US.

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