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Fletch Movie

Movie Summary for Fletch


When a man takes his job too seriously in this 80s movie comedy and drama. Fletch is his name and changing his identity for his profession is his game.

Fletch DVD


In the movie Fletch, Irwin ‘Fletch’ Fletcher (played by Chevy Chase) is a journalist who takes his profession to heart. He disguises as a bum on an LA beach to investigate drugs and dealings and gets more than he bargained for.

Alan Stanwyk (played by Tim Matheson) is an alleged cancer patient who is eager for Fletch to end his life so his wife can collect the insurance in the movie Fletch. Alan Stanwyk is not aware that he is talking to a journalist and not a bum that investigates him, and then he realizes that he is a fraud and drug dealer.


Irwin 'Fletch' Fletcher - Chevy Chase
Chief Jerry Karlin - Joe Don Baker
Gail Stanwyk - Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
Frank Walker - Richard Libertini
Alan Stanwyk - Tim Matheson
Dr. Joseph Dolan - Emmet Walsh
Fat Sam - George Wendt
Stanton Boyd - Kenneth Mars
Larry - Genna Davis
Speaker - Bill Henderson
Ted Underhill - William Traylor
Marvin Gillet - George Wyner
Detective #1 - Tony Longo
Gummy - Larry Flash Jenkins
Creasy - Ralph Seymour


Chevy Chase has a trademark act that he does in most of his movies. He searches for the time on his wrist, but he isn’t wearing a watch. This is also evident in the movie Fletch.

Fletch was nominated for an Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Motion Picture.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Fletch was released to theatres on 05/31/1985 by Universal, and grossed $46,700,000 at the box office in the US.

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