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Fanny and Alexander Movie

Movie Review for Fanny and Alexander


This 80s movie holds drama and twists and turns that you wonít want to miss. Two children learn to accept change after their father dies.

Fanny and Alexander DVD


After their father dies both Fanny (played by Pernilla Allwin) and Alexander (Bertil Guve) learn to adapt to changes brought on by their motherís new husband in the movie Fanny and Alexander.

Both Fanny and Alexander are forced to leave the memories of their happy life with their father behind as they move in with their motherís husband whose strict demeanor is more than the kids can take in the film Fanny and Alexander.


Siri - Kristina Adolphson
Carl Ekdahl - Borje Ahlstedt
Fanny Ekdahl - Pernilla Allwin
Putte Ekdahl - Kristian Almgren
Police Superintendent Jespersson - Carl Billquist
Witness to Bishop's death - Axel Duberg
Oscar Ekdahl - Allan Edwall
Alida - Siv Ericks
Emilie Ekdahl - Ewa Froling
Statue - Patricia Gelin
Miss Vega - Majlis Granlund
Petra Ekdahl - Maria Granlund
Alexander Ekdahl - Bertil Guve
Berta - Eva von Hanno
Aunt Emma - Sonya Hedenbratt


Liv Ullmann was supposed to play the role of Emilie Ekdahl in the movie Fanny and Alexander, but she turned it down.

The first draft of the script of this movie was actually handwritten on 1,000 pages.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Fanny and Alexander was released to theatres on 06/17/1983 by Avco Embassy, and grossed $4,971,340 at the box office in the US.

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