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Endless Love Movie

Movie Summary for Endless Love


An 80ís movie about forbidden love. A young teenaged girl falls deeply in love with a boy two years her senior.

Endless Love DVD


Jade Butterfield who, at 15, is not experiencing puppy love but a passion for a 17 year old David Axelrod in the movie Endless Love.

Of course, her parents are totally against it, but Jade is hard-headed and determined to have her man no matter the costs in the movie Endless Love.


Jade Butterfield - Brooke Shields
David Axelrod - Martin Hewitt
Ann Butterfield - Shirley Knight
Hugh Butterfield - Don Murray
Arthur Axelrod - Richard Kiley
Rose Axelrod - Beatrice Straight
Keith Butterfield - Jimmy Spader
Sammy Butterfield - Ian Ziering
Dr. Miller - Robert Moore
Ingrid Orchester - Penelope Milford
Mrs. Switzer - Jan Miner
Mr. Switzer - Salem Ludwig
Judge - Leon B Stevens
Sonia - Vida Wright
Leonard - Jeff Marcus


Several known actors made their debut on the movie Endless Love. They included James Spader, Tom Cruis,e and Beverly Hills 90210ís Ian Ziering.

Jodie Foster was considered for the role of Jade in the movie Endless Love.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Endless Love was released to theatres on 07/17/1981 by Universal, and grossed $33,000,000 at the box office in the US.

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