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Dresser, The Movie

80s Film Summary for Dresser, The


Historic-type drama mixed with comedy make an interesting combination for this 80's movie. Backstage drama is at an all time high when a gay personal assistant attempts to aid his employer through a performance.

Dresser, The DVD


Sir (played by Albert Finney) is a powerful actor whose moody demeanor is putting his theatrical company filled with military rejects under pressure in the movie The Dresser.

Enter Norman (played by Tom Courtenay), his gay personal assistant who would do whatever it takes to ensure the success of his employer’s theatrical company, is also along for the ride as they go on tour in The Dresser.


Sir - Albert Finney
Norman - Tom Courtenay
Oxenby - Edward Fox
Her Ladyship - Zena Walker
Madge - Eileen Atkins
Frank Carrington - Michael Gough
Irene - Cathryn Harrison
Violet Manning - Betty Marsden
Lydia Gibson - Sheila Reid
Geoffrey Thornton - Lockwood West
Mr. Godstone - Donald Eccles
Horace Brown - Llewellyn Rees
Benton - Guy Manning
Beryl - Anne Mannion
C. Rivers Lane - Kevin Stoney


The cast and crew of The Dresser were nominated five times for an Oscar award in 1984.

Tom Courtenay, who played Norman the gay personal assistant in The Dresser, won a Golden Globe back in 1984 for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama.

Academy Awards:

Tom Courtenay won for Best Actor In A Leading Role for the role of Norman in Dresser, The.

Albert Finney won for Best Actor In A Leading Role for the role of Sir in Dresser, The.

Peter Yates won for Best Director for Dresser, The.

Peter Yates, Producer won for Best Picture for Dresser, The.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Dresser, The was released to theatres on 12/06/1983 by Columbia, and grossed $5,310,748 at the box office in the US.

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