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Dragnet Movie

Movie Review for Dragnet


Solving a crime never stunk so bad as in this 80's movie. Two policemen take the bite out of crime and give the viewers a laugh or two while doing it.

Dragnet DVD


Cops Sgt. Joe Friday (Dan Aykroyd) and Pep Streebeck (Tom Hanks) have been assigned to solve cult murders that are taking place in LA in the movie Dragnet.

PAGAN is the name of the religious cult and whenever they commit a murder, they leave a note with their name on it. In the middle of this all in the movie Dragnet, Sgt. Friday falls in love with one of PAGANís victims and is thrown off the case. But, it would take more than that to get Friday off the case and to fall out of love.


Sgt. Joe Friday - Dan Aykroyd
Pep Streebeck - Tom Hanks
Reverend Jonathan Whirley - Christopher Plummer
Captain Gannon - Harry Morgan
Connie Swail - Alexandra Paul
Emil Muzz - Jack O'Halloran
Jane Kirkpatrick - Elizabeth Ashley
Jerry Caesar - Dabney Coleman
Enid Borden - Kathleen Freeman
Mayor Parvin - Bruce Gray
Granny Mundy - Lenka Peterson
Sylvia Wiss - Julia Jennings
April - Lisa Aliff
Milkman - Joe Altmark
Lady Motor Cop - Nina Arvesen


Harry Morgan, the actor in the original 1950ís Dragnet series, was employed to star in the movie as well.

Harry Morganís role of Captain Gannon in Dragnet showed him sitting at a desk that had a photo of his wife. The photo of Gannonís wife was also used as the wife of Colonel Potter on MASH, also played by Morgan.

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80's Film Facts:

The Movie Dragnet was released to theatres on 06/26/1987 by Universal, and grossed $57,387,000 at the box office in the US.

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