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Dad Movie

Movie Review for Dad


This 80's movie is the story of a man who is a workaholic. Suddenly, his father gets very ill, so he decides to spend some time with him.


DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Dad was released on May 31, 2005 by Universal Studios and is rated PG.


The movie Dad begins with John Tremont, a man whose only purpose in life is to work. Everything else is just secondary.

Suddenly, Johnís Dad suffers a heart attack, so he decides to go to see him. Although they have become estranged due to time and distance, they will find that they have too many things to share.


Jake Tremont - Jack Lemmon
John Tremont - Ted Danson
Bette Tremont - Olympia Dukakis
Annie - Kathy Baker
Mario - Kevin Spacey


The movie Dad was nominated for 1 Oscar for Best Makeup.

The film Dad was based on the novel of William Wharton.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Dad was released to theatres on 10/27/1989 by Universal, and grossed $19,738,015 at the box office in the US.

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