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Cruising Movie

Movie Review for Cruising


This 80's movie is about a cop that has to go undercover in order to find a serial killer. This time, he will have to immerse into the gay culture in order to apprehend him.

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In Cruising, several crimes are being caused by a serial killer among the gay community. In order to find the killer, Steve Burns decides to go undercover.

Thatís when the main character of Cruising will become part of the gay community. Once inside, he will have to integrate himself into a world that he didnít know about.


Steve Burns - Al Pacino
Capt. Edelson - Paul Sorvino
Nancy Gates - Karen Allen
Stuart Richards - Richard Cox
Ted Bailey - Don Scardino


The movie Cruising caused a lot of protests among the gay community.

Originally, Brian de Palma wanted to direct the film Cruising.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Cruising was released to theatres on 01/01/1980 by Lorimar Film Entertainment, and grossed $19,784,223 at the box office in the US.

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