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Country Movie

80's Movie Facts for Country


This 80ís movie is about a situation quite common in America, and in many parts of the world. A family will have to fight the government in order preserve their farm.

Country DVD


Country isnít based in one single true story, but in many stories. The Ivyís are a heartland family who make a living out of their farm. Unfortunately, they are the victims of politics and find themselves in the brink of loosing all their property.

Throughout the rest of Country, the film shows us the struggle of the Ivyís, and the different actions and measures that they have to take in order to preserve what is theirs.


Jewell Ivy - Jessica Lange
Gil Ivy - Sam Shepard
Arlon Brewer - Jim Haynie
Otis - Wilford Brimley
Marlene Ivy - Theresa Graham


The movie Country became the second film released by Touchstone Pictures, a film division of the Walt Disney Company.

Due to her role in Country, Jessica Lange received an Academy nomination for Best Actress.

Academy Awards:

Jessica Lange won for Best Actress In A Leading Role for the role of Jewell Ivy in Country.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Country was released to theatres on 09/29/1984 by Buena Vista, and grossed $8,400,000 at the box office in the US.

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