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Colors Movie

Movie Review for Colors


LA gangs are depicted in this 80s movie as two cops try to keep gang territory under control.

Colors DVD


Robert Duvall plays Officer Bob Hodges, an experienced cop to Officer Danny McGavin in the movie Colors.

Together, the cops have the assignment of cleaning up the streets of LA that are festered with color-coded gangs in the movie Colors.

The DVD for Colors was released by MGM (Video & DVD)in October, 2001. The film run time is 127 minutes and is rated R.


Officer Danny McGavin - Sean Penn
Officer Bob Hodges - Robert Duvall
Louisa Gomez - Maria Conchita Alonso
Ron Delaney - Randy Brooks
Larry Sylvester - Grand L Bush
Rocket - Don Cheadle
Bird - Gerardo Mejia
Clarence 'High Top' Brown - Glenn Plummer
Melindez - Rudy Ramos
O.S.S. Sgt. Bailey - Sy Richardson
Leo 'Frog' Lopez - Trinidad Silva
Reed - Charles Walker
T-Bone - Damon Wayans
Cook - Fred Asparagus
Officer Porter - Sherman Augustus


Real-life gang members were hired to be part of the movie Colors.

Sean Penn, who played Officer Officer Danny McGavin in the movie Colors, was arrested after hitting an extra on the set who was trying to get his picture without his permission.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Colors was released to theatres on 04/15/1988 by Orion, and grossed $46,616,067 at the box office in the US.

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