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Color Purple, The Movie

Movie Review for Color Purple, The


This 80ís movie is based on the novel written by Alice Walker. A young Afro-American girl will find that, although life can be miserable, there is always a ray of light.

Color Purple, The DVD


The movie Color Purple narrates the story of Celie, a young woman who becomes a continuous victim of rape by her step-father. As a consequence of this sexual abuse, she becomes pregnant twice. Finally, she is forced to marry a man known as Mister.

Things do not get better for Celie in Color Purple. Her husband continues the mistreatment, beating and raping her. Curiously, by a strange twist of destiny, she will become very close to Avery, Misterís former lover.


Albert - Danny Glover
Celie - Whoopi Goldberg
Shug Avery - Margaret Avery
Sofia - Oprah Winfrey
Harpo - Willard E. Pugh


The Color Purple was the first movie in which Oprah Winfrey appeared.

The Color Purple was the first film in which Steven Spielberg didnít use John Williams for the soundtrack of the movie.

Academy Awards:

Whoopi Goldberg won for Best Actress In A Leading Role for the role of Celie in Color Purple, The.

Margaret Avery won for Best Actress In A Supporting Role for the role of Shug Avery in Color Purple, The.

Oprah Winfrey won for Best Actress In A Supporting Role for the role of Sofia in Color Purple, The.

Quincy Jones, Jeremy Lubbock, Rod Temperton, Caiphus Semenya, Andrae Crouch, Chris Boardman, Jorge C won for Best Original Score for Color Purple, The.

Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall and Quincy Jones, Producers won for Best Picture for Color Purple, The.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Color Purple, The was released to theatres on 12/18/1985 by Warner Bros., and grossed $93,589,701 at the box office in the US.

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