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Childs Play Movie

Movie Review for Childs Play


It started with a cute and innocent looking doll in this 80’s movie. A young boy gets the doll of his dreams and regrets it afterwards.

Childs Play DVD


Enticed by the infectious television commercial, young Andy Barclay desperately wanted to have the Chucky Good Guys Doll in the movie Child’s Play.

Elsewhere, serial killer Charles Lee Ray is wounded by cops during a chase. He performs the ultimate disappearing act to evade them as he uses voodoo to transfer his spirit inside of a Good Guy doll, the one that would eventually be given to young Andy as a gift.

The DVD for the rated R movie Child's Play was released by MGM Video and DVD on September 22, 1999.


Karen Barclay - Catherine Hicks
Mike Norris - Chris Sarandon
Andy Barclay - Alex Vincent
Charles Lee Ray - Brad Dourif
Maggie Peterson - Dinah Manoff
Jack Santos - Tommy Swerdlow
Dr. Ardmore - Jack Colvin
Eddie Caputo - Neil Giuntoli
Peddler - Juan Ramirez
Mr. Criswell - Alan Wilder
News Reporter at Toy Store - Richard Baird
Dr. Death - Raymond Oliver
Orderly - Aaron Osborne
Mona - Tyler Hard
George - Ted Liss


Charles Lee Ray’s name in the movie Child’s Play was derived from three real life killers Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray.

The voice of Brad Dourif, who played “Chucky” in the movie Child’s Play, was recorded in advance so that they could match the words with the motion of the doll’s mouth.

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80's Film Facts:

The Movie Childs Play was released to theatres on 11/09/1988 by MGM/UA, and grossed $33,244,684 at the box office in the US.

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