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Breakin Movie

Movie Review for Breakin


This 80’s movie is inspired in the German documentary, “Breakin' and Enterin'” - a jazz dancer and a couple of break dancers will become the best of the street.

Breakin DVD


In the movie Breakin', Kelly is a jazz dancer who has an eccentric way of making her movements. Because of it, she isn’t appreciated by his fellow jazz dancers, who scorn her.

Things become interesting in Breakin' when Kelly meets Ozone and Turbo, a couple of break dancers. With them, she will create a trio that will become the new dancing sensation in the streets.


Kelly - Lucinda Dickey
Ozone - Adolfo Quinones
Turbo - Michael Chambers
Franco - Ben Lokey
James - Christopher McDonald


Although it never appears in the final movie credits of Breakin', the real names of Ozone and Turbo are Orlando and Tony respectively.

Breakin' is the first film in which Jean-Claude Van Damme makes an appearance.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Breakin was released to theatres on 05/04/1984 by MGM/UA, and grossed $36,100,000 at the box office in the US.

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