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Body Heat Movie

Movie Summary for Body Heat


This 80's movie is about executing the perfect crime. However, the perpetrators will find that there isnít such thing as a perfect crime.

Body Heat DVD


In the movie Body Heat, Ned Racine is a mediocre lawyer that lives in Florida. His life doesnít have anything in particular until he meets Matty Walker, a femme fatale that becomes his lover.

Body Heat doesnít stop there, though. Matty wants to kill her rich husband in order to inherit all his money and property. With the help of her lover, she will manage to murder her husband; and for some time, it will seem that everything went just as planned.


Ned Racine - William Hurt
Matty Walker - Kathleen Turner
Edmund Walker - Richard Crenna
Peter Lowenstein - Ted Danson
Oscar Grace - J.A. Preston


Originally, Christopher Reeve was considered for the main role in the movie Body Heat.

Body Heat was going to be filmed in New York, but it was moved to Florida due to a strike.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Body Heat was released to theatres on 08/28/1981 by Warner Bros., and grossed $24,058,000 at the box office in the US.

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