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Blues Brothers, The Movie

Movie Summary for Blues Brothers, The


This 80ís movie is a musical based on the comedy sketch of Saturday Night Live. This time, the Blues Brothers have to use all their skills for a heavenly mission.

Blues Brothers, The DVD


The Blues Brothers movie begins with the release of Jake Blues from prison, only to find that the place were he and his brother were raised, is going to be sold. The only way to stop it is to raise, somehow, $5,000 in 11 days.

Therefore, they decide to put back together their band, The Blues Brothers, in order to make a performance that can raise the money. Unfortunately for them, their mission from God will face innumerable problems, and enemies, along the way.


Joliet' Jake Blues - John Belushi
Elwood Blues - Dan Aykroyd
Reverend Cleophus James - James Brown
Curtis - Cab Calloway
Ray - Ray Charles


During the filming of the opening sequence of The Blues Brothers movie, the security guards of the prison started shooting the helicopter from which the scene was being filmed. They thought that they were spies of some sort.

When the film The Blues Brothers was released, it held the worldwide record of cars crashed in a motion picture.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Blues Brothers, The was released to theatres on 06/20/1980 by Universal, and grossed $57,229,890 at the box office in the US on a budget of $27,000,000 .

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