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Blue Velvet Movie

Movie Review for Blue Velvet


This 80ís movie shows us that a small town in the US may have secrets that should remain hidden.

Blue Velvet DVD


The movie Blue Velvet begins with Jeffrey Beaumont, a man who is returning home after seeing his father. What should have been a normal day, however, transforms into a mystery when he founds a severed ear.

Jeffrey goes to the police with the ear, only to find their indifference. Frustrated, he decides to investigate the matter. From there on, the film Blue Velvet will transform into a thriller of unsuspected proportions.


Dorothy Vallens - Isabella Rossellini
Jeffrey Beaumont - Kyle MacLachlan
Frank Booth - Dennis Hopper
Sandy Williams - Laura Dern
Mrs. Williams - Hope Lange


The original version of the Blue Velvet movie was 4 hours long. However, the director was forced to reduce it to two hours.

Dino de Laurentis, the producer of Blue Velvet, had to create his own distribution company because nobody wanted the film.

Academy Awards:

David Lynch won for Best Director for Blue Velvet.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Blue Velvet was released to theatres on 09/19/1986 by Castle, and grossed $8,551,228 at the box office in the US.

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