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Blue Thunder Movie

80's Movie Facts for Blue Thunder


An 80's movie about a top of the line helicopter intended for the police. A cop, however, discovers that there is something dark about the prototype.

Blue Thunder DVD


Frank Murphy is a former pilot of the Vietnam War who now works for the Los Angeles Police Department. Due to his experience, he is chosen for a new helicopter for the LAPD: the Blue Thunder.

Murphy and his copilot are impressed with Blue Thunder. They find that the helicopter is quite reliable and it is an excellent tool against crime. Unfortunately, there is a darker plot intended for the project and it is their duty to reveal it to the press.

The movie was so successful at the box office, that there was a TV series spin-off called Blue Thunder.


Officer Frank Murphy - Roy Scheider
Capt. Jack Braddock - Warren Oates
Kate - Candy Clark
Officer Richard Lymangood - Daniel Stern
Icelan - Paul Roebling


The two F-16 that appear in the film Blue Thunder are scaled-down models.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Blue Thunder was released to theatres on 05/13/1983 by Columbia, and grossed $42,313,354 at the box office in the US.

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