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Biloxi Blues Movie

80s Film Summary for Biloxi Blues


This 80ís movie narrates the story of Eugene, a boy who has just enlisted to the army and wants to experience all what life has to offer.

Biloxi Blues DVD


In Biloxi Blues, a teenager from New York decides to enlist to the Army, during the last stages of World War II. There, he will meet his fellow comrades and his drill sergeant, who seems to be a bit unstable.

However, things do not stop there in Biloxi Blues. Eugene will have to deal with the different personalities of the people that live with him, the hardships of combat training and his first sexual experience.


Eugene Morris Jerome - Matthew Broderick
Sgt. Toomey - Christopher Walken
Joseph Wykowski - Matt Mulhern
Arnold Epstein - Corey Parker
Don Carney - Casey Siemaszko


Biloxi Blues is based on a play of Neil Simon, who used much of his personal experiences for the story.

Biloxi Blues is part of a trilogy, which involves the childhood, adolescence and part of the adulthood of Eugene Morris Jerome.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Biloxi Blues was released to theatres on 03/25/1988 by Universal, and grossed $43,184,000 at the box office in the US.

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