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Batman Movie

80's Movie Facts for Batman


Directed by Tim Burton, this 80ís movie is a classic among fans of the comic book. This time, Batman will face his first serious contender in Gotham City.

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Greatly affected by the death of his parents under the hands of a criminal, Bruce Wayne decides to do something about it. That is how Batman begins. However, with the appearance of the masked hero, appears his nemesis: a maniac who presents himself as The Joker.

The plot of Batman gets even more complicated when a curios journalist, Vicki Vale, decides to learn more about this mysterious man. Unfortunately, she will find herself in the middle of the struggle between good and evil.


Batman/Bruce Wayne - Michael Keaton
Joker/Jack Napier - Jack Nicholson
Vicki Vale - Kim Basinger
Alexander Knox - Robert Wuhl
Commissioner James Gordon - Pat Hingle


Adam West, the Batman from the original TV series wanted to play the main role in Batman. In the end, it was given to Michael Keaton.

The first draft of Batman goes back to 1980. This first script told the story of the origins of Batman and Robin. With time, this idea was discarded.

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80's Film Facts:

The Movie Batman was released to theatres on 06/23/1989 by Warner Bros., and grossed $251,188,924 at the box office in the US on a budget of $35,000,000 .

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