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Any Which Way You Can Movie

80s Film Summary for Any Which Way You Can


This 80ís movie is the sequel to Every Which Way But Loose. Although Philo Beddoe has retired, he will find that there are some things that canít be left behind.

Any Which Way You Can DVD


In Any Which Way You Can, Philoe Beddoe decides that it is time to leave behind his life as a brawler. Without expecting it, he meets again with Lynn Halsey-Taylor, who feels really sorry about the way he treated Philoe. Resigned, Philoe accepts Lynn back

But, just when Philoe feels that everything is ok, things get complicated when he is visited by a member of the mafia. They want him to fight a new contender. After thinking things over, Philoe declines the offer. But the mob of Any Which Way You Can doesnít like his decision and decides to make him an offer he canít refuse.


Philo Beddoe-Clint Eastwood
Lynn Halsey Taylor-Sondra Locke
Orville Boggs-Geoffrey Lewis
Jack Wilson-William Smith
James Beekman-Harry Guardino


The original Clyde was too old to portray his role in Any Which Way You Can. For that reason, they looked for a replacement.

Two weeks after Any Which Way You Can was finished, the new orangutan that played the role of Clyde, died.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Any Which Way You Can was released to theatres on 12/12/1980 by Warner Bros., and grossed $70,687,344 at the box office in the US.

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