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Annie Movie

Movie Review for Annie


This 80's movie is based on the comic strip and musical of the same name. An 11 year old orphan that is helped by a rich man.

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Annie is an orphan who lives at an orphanage in terrible conditions. Lucky for her, she will be sent to the house of Oliver Warbucks, a man who became a millionaire by selling munitions.

Due to her charming personality, Annie wins the affection of the entire household, including the bitter Mr. Warbucks. The millionaire is so stricken with Annie's condition that he decides to look for his parents. However, there are other forces at hand.


Daddy Oliver Warbucks - Albert Finney
Miss Hannigan - Carol Burnett
Grace Farrell - Ann Reinking
Rooster Hannigan - Tim Curry
Lily St. Regis - Bernadette Peters


The movie Annie is the first, and the last, film musical that he directed.

Annie was premiered at the Radio City Music Hall.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Annie was released to theatres on 05/21/1982 by Sony, and grossed $57,059,003 at the box office in the US.

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