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American Tail, An Movie

80s Film Summary for American Tail, An


This 80's movie is an animated film about a family of mice that decide to leave their country and travel to the USA, pursuing the American Dream.

American Tail, An DVD


An American Tail is a story of immigrants, but this time it is from the point of view of a family of mice. The Mousekewitz are a family of Russian mice who decide to leave behind their poverty stricken country and make a new life at the other side of the ocean.

Our heroes of the movie An American Tail will travel through innumerable perils until they reach the Promised Land. There, they will have to affront new challenges in order to attain their dream.


Fievel Mousekewitz (voice) - Phillip Glasser
Tiger - Dom DeLuise
Papa Mousekewitz - Nehemiah Persoff
Mama Mousekewitz - Erica Yohn
Tanya Mousekewitz - Amy Green


Originally, Tom Bähler was going to be the composer for the film An American Tail. However, he was too busy to do the job.

An American Tail was so popular that the movie had several spin offs.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie American Tail, An was released to theatres on 11/21/1986 by Universal, and grossed $47,483,002 at the box office in the US.

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