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Amadeus Movie

Movie Summary for Amadeus


This 80ís movie tells us the story of Mozart, the musical genius that changed music forever, and Antonio Salieri, one of the most important musicians of our history.

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The movie Amadeus tells us the story of Mozart through the eyes of Salieri. At first, Salieri finds Mozartís music simply wonderful.

After Salieri meets Mozart, he canít understand how someone so vulgar can interpret such beautiful music. Through the rest of Amadeus, the only thing that Salieri can think of is revenge against Mozart. But, in the end, he loses.


Antonio Salieri - F. Murray Abraham
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Tom Hulce
Constanze Mozart - Elizabeth Berridge
Leopold Mozart - Roy Dotrice
Emanuel Schikaneder - Simon Callow
Katerina Cavalieri - Christine Ebersole


Kenneth Branagh, Mark Hammill, and Mel Gibson, were all once cast for the role of Mozart in Amadeus.

Tom Hulce, the actor who played Mozart in Amadeus, practiced the piano four hours per day in order to appear convincing to the public.

Academy Awards:

F. Murray Abraham won for Best Actor In A Leading Role for the role of Antonio Salieri in Amadeus.

Tom Hulce won for Best Actor In A Leading Role for the role of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Amadeus.

Milos Forman won for Best Director for Amadeus.

Saul Zaentz, Producer won for Best Picture for Amadeus.

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Amadeus was released to theatres on 09/19/1984 by Warner Bros., and grossed $51,600,000 at the box office in the US.

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