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All of Me Movie

80's Movie Facts for All of Me


An 80's movie comedy about a lawyer who suddenly finds himself with more than he wanted.

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All of me begins with Lily Tomlin, a ruthless millionairess who changes her testament, so her soul is transferred to the body of Terry Hoskins.

However, things will get mixed up in All of me, when Tomiln finds that she now occupies the body of Roger Cobb, a lawyer.


Roger Cobb - Steve Martin
Edwina Cutwater - Lily Tomlin
Terry Hoskins - Victoria Tennant
Peggy Schuyler - Madolyn Smith Osborne
Prahka Lasa - Richard Libertini


Shortly after All of Me was filmed, Steve Martin and Victoria Tennant got married.

All of Me was adapted from the novel “Me too.”

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie All of Me was released to theatres on 09/21/1984 by Universal, and grossed $35,243,581 at the box office in the US.

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