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Against All Odds Movie

Movie Summary for Against All Odds


An 80’s movie about a football player who is contracted for a simple job. He will, however, find that things can be more complex than they seem.

Against All Odds DVD


Against All Odds begins with aging LA football player, Terry Brogan. He has been recently laid off by his team, so he needs money, and fast. That's how he manages to get a job with a friend of his. The task: to find his girlfriend in Mexico.

Brown travels to Mexico, were he finds the girl and falls in love with her. Things will get interesting in Against All Odds, however, when the girl goes back to the US. What is really happening?


Jessie Wyler - Rachel Ward
Terry Brogan - Jeff Bridges
Jake Wise - James Woods
Hank Sully - Alex Karras
Mrs. Grace Wyler - Jane Greer


Against All Odds is the remake of the 1940's movie, “Out Of The Past.”

Some stars of “Out of the Past” had roles in Against All Odds.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Against All Odds was released to theatres on 03/02/1984 by Sony, and grossed $25,100,000 at the box office in the US.

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