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Lyrics You And I Bananarama

Song Lyrics For You And I by Bananarama


You and I
Lips on mine
We ain?t twined
You and I
? next to me
Boy you make me nervous
Unknown pleasures crossing your mind
? to
Know how much you want to
Take this fast love creeping up behind
But this moment might fade away
And it?s making my heart ache
You and I
One step away from heaven
Feel your lips on mine
And my heart race
Cause we ain?t twined
Nothing can come close to this
And you and I
Right this way together for all time
Innocent, touching me
Feelings take the surface
Midnight madness won?t leave me alone
Everytime you cover me
Touch me like an angel
Take me up to paradise
I?m not falling in love with you
I?m not scared to see it through
(chorus x 2)
Eternity (x 3)
(chorus x 2)
You and I (x 2)
publishing : In A Bunch Music Ltd 1999

Song Lyrics You And I by Bananarama download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune You And I by Bananarama

Bananarama Artist Fact:

Their appearance in “T’ain’t What You Do” would bring about Bananarama’s first mainstream recognition when it went to the UK top five. Later that year Fun Boy Three would appear in “Really Saying Something” as a guest of Bananrama’s. ...Read Bananarama Bio

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