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Lyrics Yertle The Turtle Red Hot Chili Peppers

Song Lyrics For Yertle The Turtle by Red Hot Chili Peppers

On a far away island
of Salamasond
Yertle the turtle
Was king of the pond
A nice little pond
It was clean it was neat
The water was warm
There was plenty to eat
Until one day
The king of them all
Decided the kingdom
He ruled was too small
Iím a ruler of all that I see
But I donít see enough
And thatís the trouble with me
With this stone for a throne
I am too low down
I cannot look down
Upon the places beyond
So Yertle the turtle king
Lifted his hand
And Yertle the turtle king
Lifted his hand
He ordered all the turtles
Onto one anotherís back
He piled them high
Into a ten turtle stack
Iím Yertle the turtle
The things I now rule
Iím king of a cow
Iím king of a mule
Then down from below
In the great turtle stack
Came a burp from a plain
Little turtle named Mack
Just part of the throne
This burpiní little turtle
Looked up and said "I beg
Your pardon king Yertle"
Iíve pains in my back
My shoulders and my knees
How long must we stand
Here your majesty
"Silence !" the king of the
Turtles barked back
To the bad burpiní
Little turtle named Mack
Iím Yertle the turtle
Oh marvelous me for
I am ruler of all that I see
Yertle, Yertle the turtle...
Yertle, Yertle the turtle...

Song Lyrics Yertle The Turtle by Red Hot Chili Peppers download free song words.

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The Tune Yertle The Turtle by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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