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Lyrics Waiting (Reprise) George Michael

Song Lyrics For Waiting (Reprise) by George Michael

George Michael

Well there ainít no point in moving on
Until youíve got somewhere to go
And the road that I have walked upon
Well it filled my pockets
And emptied out my soul
All those insecurities
That have held me down for so long
I canít say Iíve found a cure for these
But at least I know them
So theyíre not so strong
You look for your dreams in heaven
But what the hell are you supposed to do
When they come true?
Well thereís one year of my life in the songs
And some of them are about you
Now I know thereís no way I can write those wrongs
Believe me
I would not lie youíve hurt my pride
And I guess thereís a road without you
But you once said
Thereís a way back for every man
So here I am
Donít people change, here I am
Is it too late to try again
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Song Lyrics Waiting (Reprise) by George Michael download free song words.

Song Fact:

The Tune Waiting (Reprise) by George Michael

George Michael Artist Fact:

George Michaelís solo debut was very successful. The album was certified Diamond by the RIAA (Diamond is equal to 10X Platinum) and it achieved 4X Platinum sales In the UK. ...Read George_Michael Bio

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