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Lyrics Vancouver Genesis

Song Lyrics For Vancouver by Genesis


Released as B-side of Many Too Many single, 1978.

She packed her bags and dressed
Long before the sunrise
No one knew
She told them many times
About how she would teach them
And now itís time
Standing quietly by the door
Her face is numb with fear
She stops and then goes on
Leave forever - itís now or never
Quickly walking down the street
Itís cold and grey, dawnís breaking
She donít mind (she donít mind)
Why she feels so grown up now
Her life is just beginning
She donít know (she donít know)
Sheís standing in the pouring rain
Her make-upís running down
She wonders now sheís here
Where will I go? Who do I know?
Now, now sheís not quite so sure
I may be wrong but home seems so much more friendly now
And they might worry but she doesnít want them to
Cos causing pain, thatís not the thing that she set out to do
So sheís back in bed before
Anyone can miss her
She feels good (she feels good)
Knowing the chance was there
Deciding not to take it
Thatís her choice (thatís her choice)
Sheís still awake, her mum comes in
Me and dad, weíve had a chat
And weíre sorry for the things we said
Please forgive us - you wouldnít leave us?

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Song Fact:

The Tune Vancouver by Genesis

Genesis Artist Fact:

In 1983, Genesis released a self-titled album. The album followed suit of its predecessors and quickly ascended to the number one position. The single, ďThatís All,Ē was Genesisí first top ten US single. ...Read Genesis Bio

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